ElasticSearch doesn't start after upgrade from 2.3.1 to 5.6.4


I was running on elasticsearch 2.3.1, but I had to upgrade to 5.6.4 (because of kibana), but ElasticSearch won't start anymore.

This is log from ElasticSearch:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: The index [[cyclone3.mysite_sk/Qf5ccdWNRYKFGs4lBffSAQ]] was created with version [1.2.1] but the minimum compatible version is [2.0.0-beta1]. It should be re-indexed in Elasticsearch 2.x before upgrading to 5.6.4.

And lot of the same errors.

Yes I understand that I need to reindex, but how? And does I lose all data?

Why did you made a upgrade... In my case I put 2 ES running in sametime and run a shellscript to export manually data between ES.

Because I wanted to install Kibana/Sense

Could you do the rollback?

If yes, you can go up with the 2 environments in parallel ... then you migrate the content via REST call.

Upgrading is tricky unless you perform all the tests in a separate environment.

How can I rollback?

And how to set up 2 enviroments in parallel? And how to migrate the content?

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