Elasticsearch eats my heap when auto-expanding replicas

I start with a single node, with ~100 small indexes (number_of_shards=1,
auto_expand_replicas=0-1). Everything works fine.

I then start a second node on a different machine (ec2).

The first node now shows a lot of messages like:

2013-07-02 22:54:55,684 [INFO] cluster.metadata - [Crooked Man] updating
number_of_replicas to [1] for indices [foo]
2013-07-02 22:54:55,708 [INFO] cluster.metadata - [Crooked Man] [foo] auto
expanded replicas to [1]

...while slowing down to a crawl, because it's using up all available heap
space (1gb).

Anyone else notice this? Does elasticsearch really need 1gb+ per 100
indexes in a cluster?

I'm running elasticsearch 0.90.2 with the elasticsearch-cloud-aws 1.12.0

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