Elasticsearch Engineer Training - Lab 4.1 - Missing Data

Hey folks,

Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction, I'm working through the labs from the Engineer training and have noticed that the load_webtraffic.sh file doesn't seem to actually be loading any more than 10000 documents into the web_traffic index, which is then causing issues where the later labs are missing data they expect.

I've gone back through everything involving the web_traffic index and re-created it following the solutions in the labs in case it's something I'd screwed up but still doesn't seem to ingest any additional documents.

Has anyone else ran into this issue and if so is there a good solution?

Can you try doing a GET web_traffic/_count to see a total? After the script has run of course.

Thanks, that's confirmed that the doc's have in fact been ingested (I probably should have done a count instead of a search urgh). I'll have to do some digging because the traffic_stats index has significantly less doc's in than I would expect it to based on what the labs suggest should be showing up. I've ended up just moving on because the doc's that are showing up in that index look right, and I've just not been able to spot what I've done wrong myself.

Have you looked at your time filter? Maybe it's cutting off some data.

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