Elasticsearch: Error

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(Alexander Reelsen) #2

Do you know what you are sending over there? Is it possible that you send invalid JSON to Elasticsearch via logstash?

(Nikhil Jaiswal) #3

@vinod_hy please help

(David Pilato) #4

Alexander asked you some questions. Could you answer them?

(Nikhil Jaiswal) #6

sorry! my bad.
I added complete log message, i am only getting this error after installing x-pack.

(Vinod Hy) #7

Hi Nikhil,

Ideally logstash should not give any error if u just tried to start it. If at all it gives error, it should just say connection issues with elasticsearch as elasticsearch is now SSL enabled.

Can you share logstash.conf here.

(Vinod Hy) #8

you are seeing this message just after starting logstash or when logstash recieves some log content from beats?

(Vinod Hy) #11

your logstash.conf looks so huge.. you have to narrow down the problem.

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