Elasticsearch-Exporter - All Data

Hi, I’ve been using the Elasticsearch-Exporter (https://github.com/mallocator/Elasticsearch-Exporter)
to migrate indexes across the network to other nodes and I’ve been trying to
test exporting the indices to file but am stuck on the command: node
exporter.js -sh localhost -si index1 -st
type1 -t file -tf filename

I understand all but the –si and –st switches, ideally I’m
wanting to export the whole data out of elasticsearch and create a new node
with that data.

What would the syntax be to export all the data to a file

Why not just use LS with this sort of config?

Happy to try that, how fast does it copy the indexes to the
other node? Presuming it will copy all the indexes at once?

It only does one at a time.

Okay just a little unsure on the .conf file, would I be
placing this on both nodes? Not exactly sure which nodes will need to go in the

The input is where the data currently is, the output is the one you want to send to. It only needs to be on one server, wherever you have installed Logstash.

Then just run bin/logstash -f configfile.conf and watch it go!

Okay I’ll try that, I have about 50 indexes on this node,
since you said it sends one at a time does that mean I’ll have to enter each
index name at index =>
"INDEXNAME_HERE" or can I enter maybe * for all?

Not sure if * will work, try it and let us know!

Happy to do that, BTW the docinfo directive throws an unknown error, is that using the correct one or is my Logstash way old? :smile:

EDIT I'm using 1.4.3

Oh, this is for 1.5.X only. Sorry that's not clear :frowning:

Okay thanks anyway