Elasticsearch - Failed to acknowledge mapping update

I have the following error:

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"timeout_exception","reason":"Failed to acknowledge mapping update within [30s]"}],"type":"timeout_exception","reason":"Failed to acknowledge mapping update within [30s]"},"status":500}

This happens on production while importing a folder of xml documents with sizes of 500kb-14mb. Each file is processed separately and there are no more than 90 files in a folder. Locally I am able to import the same data (after increasing jvm.options
Xms1g to 2g
Xmx1g to 2g)
without ever getting the error.
As far as I understood there is no timeout option in elastic so i do not know if i can do anything on that part. Any ideas what causes it or how can i simulate it locally so I can continute debugging from there?

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