Elasticsearch filesystem recovery?

We have an old (version 2.4.3) 3 node elastic cluster that has lost index files on the data/nodes/0/indices/ filesystem of 2 of the nodes after having been shut down for a time. If we bring the cluster back up will the index files on these 2 nodes get recreated since the 3rd node still has the data? If not is there any way to recover the data without snapshots?

So the 3rd node held a replica copy?

Please note that version is EOL and no longer supported, you should be looking to upgrade as a matter of urgency.

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Each index has 5 primary and 1 replica, so I think the answer to your question is "yes". Would it be possible to just copy all the data files to the data disks on the other 2 nodes and recover that way? So each node would have an identical copy?

We know this version has be EOL for a long time. We use version 7 almost everywhere else and have told the development team responsible for this instance that they really need to upgrade. Thanks.

If you only have 1 replica shard configured it is likely that some shards resided entirely on the lost nodes. I would therefore expect about a 1/3 of the shards to be lost.

I have not used that version in years but think the existing shards may be recovered if you first start the node with the data and let this settle. You may want to start it as a single node and initially change the number of master nodes.

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