Elasticsearch first backup/snapshot

I 'm new to eleasticsearch and I have a question about backing up the environment.
I already read the documentation about backup/restore and it's clear to me.
Our previous sysadmin has configured the elasticsearch environment but never created a backup of the data the correct way.
At this moment the size of the data is 800 GB. Now I want to create a first backup/snapshot. I defined the path.logs parameter.
What will be the size of the first snapshot ? I use the compression option but can someone give an indication of the size ? Thanks in advance.

It'll be around 800 gig.

It will roughly be the combined size of the primary shards.

Ok clear to me. Thanks.
For example My first snapshot is 800GB. Before the next snapshot 100GB of data has changed.
The next snapshot will be 100GB (I think).
Does this mean that the total size on path.logs will be 900GB ?
Is there some documentation about backup/restore and disaster/recovery. The official documentation is very basic.

There may be a slight difference in sizing, but yes that is how it works.

It can be larger as it is incremental at the segment level, not document level.

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