Elasticsearch for Hadoop library can't read data for array of primitive type in PIG

I am using the ElasticSearch for Hadoop library defined in
to read data in PIG for Hadoop.

There is a field "household_ages" defined as "short" in my index type. But
it is actually an array since this field has multiple values.
PUT /myindex/mytype/_mapping
"mytype": {
"properties": {
"household_ages": {"type": "short"}

An example value of the field "household_ages" is like: [45,40,17,13]

When I run the PIG script, the script can't read the value of the field
"household_ages", other fields with the primitive type, or map type are
fine. Only the field with array of primitive can't be read correctly.

Below is the PIG script:
A = LOAD 'myindex/mytype' USING

The value I got for this column is "(,,,)".

Below is a complete record dumped by PIG script. I can see values are read
properly for other fields. Only the "household_ages" field can't get the
(12345,[lname#Smith,fname#John],[state# NY,zip# 00000,city#New
York,street#123 Main

Does any one have any idea how to fix the issue?


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