Elasticsearch - Forcemerge to merge several shards

I have indexes that are created weekly, associated to an allias. The indexes were configured for two shards, and one replica per shard. The shards are very low space, around 50 mb, so I think those could be converted to one shard, to have more shards free and not exceed the recommended shard per RAM limit. For this I am using the api forcemerge, to join several indexes in a single shard. Even so, after performing the forcemerge, I still get the indexes in two shards. How can I join in a single shard the indexes that I select?

POST /my-index-000001,my-index-000002/_forcemerge

_forcemerge is used to merge segments within a shard.
To "merge" shards, you need to use the _shrink API.
See Shrink index API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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Finally I used Reindex API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic
With this api I group the indexes organized by weeks in months, and I assign them in their configuration a single shard and r
Then I delete the old indexes
Thank you

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