Elasticsearch Handshake

I'm trying to set up elasticsearch in a docker container across multiple hosts and cannot for the life of me get these guys to talk to each other. Most lately, I'm getting a handshake failed, but the IP address / port combos are completely correct for the target host so I don't know what it's looking for.

Where is the handshake process documented? I'm looking for something like EIGRP has. The algorithm looks at X things and they have to line up for success to happen.

Do you have an exception stack trace or a log message or something?

There is a generic elasticsearch handshake request (and response) that occurs when two nodes attempt to connect to each other. However, the handshake request should only be made after tcp connections have been established. Additionally if a handshake fails, there is often an underlying exception explaining why the handshake failed. And that exception should be logged.

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