Elasticsearch: how to get store.size and pri.store.size per day size in url query between date range

Hi All, I am new in elastic search so, please help me to find out the per day index store size based on date range. Currently, i have index records and total store size of the index using Elastic REST API. I tried with the help of date math index names but i am not able to achieved the results. I am using ElasticSearch 5.3.

Url: http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v&index= index_name

health index docs.count store.size pri.store.size

green elastic_1 2345 1gb 500mb

green elastic_2 1234 15gb 7.8gb

green elastic_3 1222 7gb 3.7gb

Url: http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?bytes=b&v&index=index_name&h=store.size&format=json

Output: [{"store.size":"122"},{"store.size":"222"},{"store.size":"333"}]

how to get per day index log message size both( store.size and pri.store.size ) based on start_date(12:00AM) to end_date(11:59PM)?

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