Elasticsearch in heroku

I would like a help / example deploy elasticsearch in heroku.

I have already seen that there are some add ons like Bonsai, however as far as I can see it does not allow modifying elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml and I need this to enable SSO with SAML.

I can do what I need locally with a docker-compose.yml I have already created and I have already seen some tutorials to deploy in heroku with Dockerfile and docker-compose but I have not been successful, I have found several errors. So I came here to know if anyone has done something like this or could indicate some material, I already searched a lot in google and without success too.

Do you want to run Elasticsearch yourself, or have it run for you.

Our Elastic Cloud Service offers a heroku addon for Elasticsearch: https://elements.heroku.com/addons/foundelasticsearch

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Tks @TimV

I need some customizations to add SSO with SAML to kibana, I need to be able to modify elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml, so I did not use the bonsai. Also I'm working on a proof of concept and from what I've seen it does not have a trial or free version of foundelasticsearch and it would not be interesting to sign the add on before approving PoC.

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