Elasticsearch index from hbase

how can I create an elasticsearch index from the data read from hbase table ? any examples please .


What have you tried?

I have never used HBase, but based on a quick search of the forum it would seem like you might be able to use the Elasticsearch-Hadoop connector.

i have no info to try .. i googled and all i found was an old post showing how to do this using elastic-jdbc-river driver but the installation was suggesting to run a command from ES_home/bin/plugin .
In my elasticsearch cluster i dont have anything as such but rather "elasticsearch-plugin" and that is not taking jdbc-river-driver as parameter .
Is there a document showing how to integrate hbase and elasticsearch?`

i am not sure how this will help me create elasticsearch indexes via Hbase. the document itself is not talking about hbase at all.

If you have a JDBC driver you might be able to use Logstash and its JDBC input plugin as described in this blog.

i am still not seeing the hbase connection here?

any help Mark ?

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