Jdbc river driver in Elasticsearch 6.x

i am following this GitHub link but I can't find the JDBC driver and also the elasticserch-plugin command does not recognize the syntax given.

can someone point out the latest related document to work with hbase 1.1.2, phoenix 4.7, Elasticsearch 6.x ?


You should have a look at logstash maybe and its jdbc input plugin.

iam not sure what you mean by "its jdbc input plugin"
whats the standard method Elasticsearch recommends to connect to hbase?
any documents on how logstash can be used to link hbase with elasticsearch?

May be this:

these links are giving examples of how to connect to MySQL , and not hbase or elastic . can you kindly give me an example on how to do that?

please check this post ,its saying that no such logstash plugin exist for hbase but referring to some other method "elasticsearch for apache Hadoop" ?


No sorry.
But I believe that just the same way? Just changing the jdbc driver I guess.

But I have no experience with hbase.

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