Elasticsearch, ingest API and summation two numbers in field of the document

Good day. We use elasticsearch 6.7.1 and Ingest API for receiving logs from filebeats.
We set this pipeline (some processors removed for clarity):

"description": "balancer pipeline",
"processors": [
"split": {
"field": "upstream_header_time",
"separator": ",\\s+",
"target_field": "upstream_header_time_new",
"ignore_failure" : true

In Kibana I see this


upstream_header_time and upstream_header_time_new don't differ becasue split processor this way works (I think he works like that:) ) - on exit it creates two numbers, which comma separated.
It's OK.
Then I want add new processor to this pipeline, which summarizes this two numbers. I think processor script with painless language can help me. But I lack knowledge.
I guess such steps:

  • field upstream_header_time_new transform to list
  • summ two elements in list

I try add this processor to pipeline, but it didnt work (syntax error):

"script": {
"lang": "painless",
"source": """
String[] headerSplit = split(ctx.upstream_header_time_new, char ",");
ctx.field_new = (headerSplit[0] + headerSplit[1]);

Can anyone help?

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