Elasticsearch Integration with Kafka, Zookeeper using filebeat

Hi Everyone,

I am have a Elastic cluster running with nodes spread across multiple datacenters.
Now, I have to ensure the data synchronization across the nodes. I came across Kafka which is used to process large data and it uses Zookeeper to sync the data between the nodes.

Can you please help me with the step by step guide on how to install, configure and run kafka with Elastisearch using filebeat as suggested in the above link.

I found the below link but did not get any practical example to configure it:

Please help and suggest if there is any other solution!!

The article wants you to send filebeat->logstash->kafka. In case you don't want any other inputs for logstash, you can have filebeat directly send to kafka.

Here's a sample how to have filebeat send data to logstash.

check out filebeat.full.yml or the filebeat docs for all output settings.

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