Using Kafka in ES Cluster

Hi everyone, Ben again

We are currently investigating to implement Kafka ( In cluster mode ) to perform with our existing Elastic Stack cluster.

I'm here to know about some configuration, if some of you are currently using it in your own ELK cluster.

I wanna need some informations about setting up Kafka in frontend of Beats. I want kafka usage for "Caching" or "Queueing", in case we shutdown some nodes or the cluster for maintenance. In this case Beats could still push data to kafka for X time.

Sorry in advance if i'm posting in the wrong Category..

Thanks you in advance for reading and answer my need ! :slight_smile:

Nota Bene: In case you need fore details about pre-existing cluster (ELK) tell me

Hi Ben,

here is a blog post that explains how Kafka fits with the Elastic Stack:

Beats can be used to monitor Kafka logs via filebeat modules:

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