Elasticsearch IoT interface for a beginner

Hello Everyone,

Our application is to store and visualize sensor data with arduino Wifi module and Elasticsearch+kibana. I am an electronics engineer with a little expertise in JSON, Java programming. I installed ES and kibana to my local machine to index and query documents to understand the concept. Now, i want to connect my remote client (Arduino Wifi module) to request ES with REST APIs. using by default configuration i can not connect my Wifi IoT module to ES locally so i am using trial version of ES which is for 14 days.
After creating a cluster i have HTTPs endpoint only not HTTP. How can i get HTTP endpoint in ES cloud console?. I do not want to secure my cluster in the beginning. can i use my cluster without or disabling shield configuration? I have a big url https link for the communication. can i change it to localhost ?
I really appreciate if anyone can help me out with a procedure how to do it? what are the changes i have to made in elasticsearch.yml to add my cluster name and other information to do above task?

Thank you all.

Cloud provides a HTTP and a HTTPS endpoint, so try removing the S from the URL.

Not securing your cluster means that anyone potentially can access your data, read it, copy it and even delete it.

Thanks warkolm for the answer,

In the console HTTPs port is 9243 so for HTTP, port will be 9200 not 9243. Am i correct?


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