Securing remote cluster connections using SearchGuard-SOLVED

Complete question:

Local and remote clusters have SSL enabled, same root CA.

is this possible to connect them without using HTTP (plaintext) ?

On both nodes copied CA certs to CA trusted store:

cp /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/root-ca.* /etc/pki/tls/certs/

SearchGuard is a third party plugin so it's probably best to ask on their forum instead. However their docs indicate that it supports remote clusters.

I already asked them and i saw that documentation , but no any exampple how to use it.

Thanks anyway

I see, sorry about that. There are some SearchGuard users in this forum too so hopefully you will receive more help in due course. I'd suggest changing the topic title to something like Securing remote cluster connections using SearchGuard to get the attention of someone more knowledgable.


done, thanks

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Fixed by specifying port 9300 instead 9200 in Kibana interface

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