Elasticsearch Java Transport Client - Max Connections

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I am using a 3 amazon machines for elasticsearch indexing. I have a multiple tomcat instances in different machines that would connect to this elasticsearch cluster. After 3 or 4 tomcat instances are up, weirdly few of the previously working java api calls are getting NoNodeAvailable exception.

Is there any limit on number of clients an ES can accept?
I am running all services in default configuration.

Thanks in advance
Sri Harsha

(Mark Walkom) #2

Are you running ES in Tomcat?

(Kiran Sriharsha) #3

ES in Tomcat?

ES There are 3 machines allocated for Elasticsearch.
To connect to that ES cluster, we have war files in tomcat using ES Java API.

Sri Harsha

(Mark Walkom) #4


What do your ES logs look like? Are you monitoring ES and the threadpools?

(Kiran Sriharsha) #5

I see only NoNodeAvailableException only in both ES and ES-Client logs.

We have made few experiments and identified that AWS LB was creating few issues that was closing connections. A question related to which is posted in ES in AWS

Sri Harsha

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