ElasticSearch.js some how hangs?

Hi all,

I'm writing a web crawler in Node.js and indexing with ElasticSearch.
However, I've ran into a problem where the code hangs at the indexing

Here's how the client is initialised:

var es_client = new elasticsearch.Client({
    host: "localhost:9200",
    log: ['error', 'trace'],
    keepAlive: true,
    sniffOnConnectionFault: true,
    //sniffInterval: 6000,
    sniffOnStart: true,
    maxKeepAliveTime: 600000

And here's the indexing API call:

  index: seedURL,
  type: 'post',
  id: generate_md5(username + "\n" + post_title + "\n" + post_content),
  body: {
    thread_md5 : thread_md5,
    thread_title : thread_title,
    thread_url : post_list_page_url,
    post_title: post_title,
    post_order : post_order,
    post_content: post_content,
    timestamp: timestamp,
    username: username,
    function (resp) {
        console.log("Elasticsearch response to indexing " + post_title 
  • "...");
    function (err) {
    console.log("[ERROR] An error occurred whilst indexing: " +
    post_title + "...");

I have been testing the crawler script by commenting out the call to
indexing and it finishes the crawl no problem. This showed that the problem
somehow lies with ElasticSearch.

I have also had a look at the ElasticSearch logs and no errors were raised.

Lastly - and this could be the best hint yet - is that the number of
documents successfully indexed at every trial run hangs at exactly 277




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