Elasticsearch Kibana Preference

GET /executives/_search?request_cache=true&preference=sa

GET /executives/_search?request_cache=true

When hitting from Kibana both with the same query doesn't make any difference.

Is it true preferences are ignored in elasticsearch?

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It'd be good if you could elaborate on what you mean by that.

Hi @warkolm,
I got the issue. As I had two env (QA and PROD), so in QA we had only 1 node, and prod we had 2 nodes.
So in QA preferences were not making any difference as in the first hit it's getting cached in request cache at that node, so consecutive calls making no difference.

So comparing with prod I can see the difference, as it takes initial two-three calls covering both nodes and now all the consecutive calls are served from request cache...

Please can you help with my other doubts-

  1. I have daily pushed to ES and the request cache is getting cleared automatically for as low as 1 document also. Can I restrict this from getting cleared?
  2. Where do request_cache, query_cache, and field data cache reside, in heap or ram?
  3. Is there any issue if my ram percentage is showing 99 for the nodes.

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