Elasticsearch, kibana y logstash y filebeat

Hello everybody

My name is José Manuel and I am testing this solution to be use in logs managment so I hope you can help to work with this.
My idea is install this in a debian 11 and elasticsearch 8.6.1 with kibana 8.6.1 and use filebeat in the clients machine, what is you opinion?
I have many questions but the begining is something to be so...
Can I use this solution without safety to a local environment or it crazy?
I have a elastic rolling, and kibana rolling so, How can I send inputs from a filebeat installed in a machine?
Can anybody explainme to configure Nginx to use like proxy to can connect kibana from another machine and not in the local machine?

best regards. Thaks to all people.

You can use .deb or tar packages, whatever you prefer.
Yes you can use safely especially tar, start as a process. Make sure that you have at least 20% disk free and enough memory 2-4 GB is minimum.
If is everything on a single machine, set output to localhost, ip or hostname.
There is many tutorial for Nginx reverse proxy for Kibana on Internet, here is focus on ELK and other Elastic products.

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