Elasticsearch license renewal

HI Team,

I have few question regarding my license renewal,

  1. Our platinum license is about to expire on next week and we are working on renewal process. If we face any difficulties on renewal before the dew date will it cause my service.
  2. After the license expire will i able to login Kibana.
  3. After the license expire will Elasticsearch accept the logs to get indexed into it.
  4. If i upload the JSON in kibana will it update the new license on both master and date node of ES.
  5. By using Platinum License how many data and master node i can include in my cluster do we have any number or its infinity value.

Looking forward answer for my question and its very urgent to know of it.

Thanks to all

  1. Ok
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. That depends on the license you are getting

You should really ask Support, or your account rep this.


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