Elasticsearch listen on ipv4 but logstash won't?

This topic has been tossed around several times.

Both Elasticsearch and Logstash are Java apps. Why is that elastic search can listen on ipv4 out of the box and logstash listens to ipv6 on the same host?

Every single time I have to neuter ipv6 on a host just to let logstash listen on ipv4.

I do not buy the argument that this is how java works. Simply because we have an app, elasticsearch that somehow out of the box can.

At least put into the logstash configuration a commented out configuration that allows for
ipv4+ipv6, or ipv4, or ipv6

Why does every admin have to dig through mountains of forums to discover this tiny little tidbit of truth buried under mountains of people presenting theories and trial and error. MAKE THIS A DOCUMENTED THING PLEASE. Either in the config or in the installation instructions on the site.

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