Hi All,

I was changing one the fields in the index

I want this field "HOST_START" as type date instead of string, so i updated the template today

but i get a conflict ,which I know since the field as two values.How to fix this issue without deleting the index

Anyhelp would be much appreciated


if you need to change a field, you have to reindex your data. You can use the reindex API to do that.


Thank you for the reply,if am reindexing is it possible to use the same index name or it should be new name,since i have searches and dashboards with respect to old index name ,how to approach this scenario?

If you need that string field alive, then you have to index into a new field or use a multi-fied. The main question is usually how useful is that string field, and does it already display wrong/errornous information.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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