Mapping conflict

I have mapping conflict. I know which field it has it. and I know what happen.

using 7.14.1

basically one of the field which suppose to be float 0.0 become text "0.0"

I scan whole index and updated about 17,000 document which was string "0.0' to float 0.0

Now when I scan whole index I don't see any field with string. but index pattern still says mapping confilict. How do I correct this now?

I did backup of that index and restore on test machine and it does not shows any mapping conflict. that tells me that fields are all now float but 7.14.1 pattern still has field.keyword and still think it is conflict

Did you reindex the indices? Unless you reindex, just updating the value won't change the mapping.

To change the mapping you need to recreate the index.

this is live index. data being ingested in to it every few min. How do I go about doing reindex?

Can I do following?
stop ingestion,
run backup ( won't take much as other daily backup exist, takes 30 second, just tested)
delete original index
restore from backup with same name
start back ingestion

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