Elasticsearch memory requirements


My ELK Elastic Stack environment:

elasticsearch-6.X nodes role:

  • 3 x master node
  • 2 x data node
  • 2 x ingest node - app
  • 2 x none (coordinate only) - kibana

... for master and data node I'm using high memory instances ~54GB per instance.

How much memory should be allocated for ingest and/or coordinate only nodes?

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You don't need that much for masters, coordinating or ingest. Generally aim for;

  • Masters - 4-6GB heap
  • Coordinating - 8-16GB heap
  • Ingest - 8-16GB heap

For each of these, assuming they are dedicated nodes types, you can exceed the standard 50% heap:off-heap rule as they don't need to worry about caching the underlying file structures. In these instances you can use 75% of total memory for heap.


@warkolm I apologize, perhaps my message was a bit misleading... let me try again)

Elasticsearch (master and data) node runs respectively on it's own dedicated VM w/ ~54GB of memory, I allocate 32766mb for each node and now I'm trying to comprehend how much memory "coordinating only" node would requires especially considering Kibana would run on same VM as well, same goes for ingest node as well; memory requirements (obviously no Kibana).

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