Elasticsearch Migration Plugin - Custom Aggregation Plugin

I am trying out the elasticsearch migration plugin to check if I can migrate from 2.3.x to 5.x. I have some custom aggregation plugin in my 2.3.x cluster.

Running "Cluster Check-up" it is showing green for "Plugins".

So my question is does the elasticsearch migration plugin verifies all the plugins including custom plugins?

The plugin only verifies the plugins it knows about

Looking into the sources, you can see all the plugin checks it does and that does not include custom ones, unless it is a site plugin, in which case, it would warn you.

I would enable deprecation logging in order to see if your custom aggregation plugin raises any red flags.


Thanks @val for replying.

HI @Deb

I am trying to write a custom aggregation plugin. I am just roaming around to find any help.

Can you please share something, I mean how can I do that. I am totally clueless, where to start from.


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