Elasticsearch multiple filter query


I am new to elastic search and evaluating it for one of the project. Currently I am using a windows system and using web browser retrieving data. I have multiple fields, two of them are “month” and “day”. So while filtering out I do put month and day filter separately but I would like to merge them to a single query.



Use a bool query or +month:x +day:y

Thanks for your suggestion, as I am using web browser on a windows system I cannot use bool query (if you can suggest how to convert a bool query to web browser URL it will be great). I have tried other option you have mentioned but it didn’t work. I got result only for the first parameter. Here is the URL I have tried, can you please correct me if I am building the URL wrongly.


Are going to integrate elasticsearch in an application?

If so, then switch to the QueryDSL.

You can download Kibana. It has a nice dev console builtin to play with the DSL easily.

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