Elasticsearch Multiple terms count filters

We are using Elasticsearch to search multiple terms and filter the records based on different filter terms.

We are using multiple Keywords to search and filter the records, so I need some other details along with the results as well as additional filter option based on the result count.

Here are the addition filters we require:

  • Result should contains each term occurrence count.
  • Need one filter based on the term occurrence count in the results. I should be like
    -> Minimum Term occurrence
    -> Maximum Term Occurrence
    In this way I can filter out the results by passing minimum and maximum search term(keyword) occurrence count.

Search Terms ( Keywords ) : IT, Project Management
these are 2 terms.
Result should contains occurrence count of "IT" and "Project Management" both in each result document.
Then filter option along with search query to filter out results based on occurrence count. Like this:
Search Terms ( Keywords ) : IT, Project Management
Minimum occurrence count: 3
Maximum occurrence count: 12

So results should contains only those documents in which the term IT & Project Management occurrence is more than 3 and less than 12.

In the documentation I didn't get any option by filter out the results based on occurrence count of search terms or keywords.

I have also checked "more_like_this" documentation but it doesn't seems to be working in my case ( or in above case ).

Please guide me or give some more information to handle such cases.

Thanks in Advance!

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