Elasticsearch MVDC/Disaster recovery setup - Indexing & Maintainance practice

(Rakesh Shiriyara) #1

Hello Team,
My question is on how we can maintain fail over/MVDC enabled setup for ES Clusters.
For example, i have 2 nodes in DC1(Cluster1) and 2 nodes in DC2(Cluster 2). Both should maintain same data. The idea behind maintaining 2 sets is when one entire DC goes down, the requests should be routed to DC2.

So the challenge here is how we can index/maintain data consistency between 2 clusters.Do we have any mechanism supported by ES itself to automatically exchange the data between 2 clusters?. Also best way to index in this case for full refresh of data and incremental load.


(Mark Walkom) #2

There is nothing automatic to solve this.

I'd suggest you check a few other threads as this has been asked before :slight_smile:

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