ElasticSearch.Net comptability matrix with ElasticSearch versions

Do we have a ElasticSearch.NET compatibility matrix with ElasticSearch versions ? or Latest ElasticSearch.NET version is compatible with all ES versions ?

The 5.X client is only compatible with 5.X of ES, this is due to the number of changes that were made to both the client and ES.

The reason I asked this question is , we are trying to upgrade our ES cluster from 1.7.5 to 5.x so just wanted to know which is the minimum version ES.NET supported for 5.x.

As far as index creation is concerned, i tried connecting ES.NET(5.0.1) with ES(1.7.5) and it worked fine. this is the only thing we are doing from ES.NET client.

So, I guess there might be other things which wont work.

Further, we were using Elasticsearch.Net.JsonNET (1.8.0) with ES.NET (1.8.0) which is no more available for latest version of ES.NET.

So, would this (ES.NET.JsonNET) be available for latest versions of ES or we should should ServiceStack.Text or other serializer or should the default Serializer provide by ES.NET itself.

If you're using Elasticsearch 5.x, you really should upgrade NEST and Elasticsearch.Net to 5.x too; while a major version of the client may partially work against a different major version of Elasticsearch, it is not supported and there are known breaking changes between major versions of Elasticsearch that are reflected in changes in major versions of the client.

If you're using Elasticsearch.Net 1.x currently, along with the Json.NET Elasticsearch.Net package, I would recommend moving over to NEST 5.x major version and using the the Elasticsearch.Net low level client that is exposed on the NEST high level client through the .LowLevel property. In doing this, the low level client will use the default serializer configured for NEST which by default uses Json.NET for serialization.

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