Elasticsearch not doing local primary indices recovery after node restart

We have a cluster of 6 nodes of which one node was restarted due to some patch activity. Before the node was brought down we had set "cluster.routing.allocation.enable" : "primaries" on persistent level so as to have faster recovery after start up. After starting the node after an hour or so we are observing that the node in question is not doing any local recoveries and we see no shards and segments mapped to this node in kibana. Earlier we used to see number of shards increasing in the kibana monitoring, before the node went down it had 1147 shards in it. We have checked the logs and there it seems that the node is started properly we can see Node started, joined to the cluster & is in initialized state.
Now we could "cluster.routing.allocation.enable" : "none" and let elasticsearch take over from there, but we are not sure and do not want to complicate things more. It would be really helpful if any one could help us or point us to some direction.

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