Elasticsearch not getting data from filter after index migration

after moving an index from one cluster to another, the index does not search for data by filter. The number of Lucene docs is the same in both indexes. All indices Health (green) . Index cloned from VM in openshift . Elasticsearch 7.17
Index transfer

// curl -k --user login:password --request POST "elastic.local/_reindex?pretty" --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data ' {"source": {"remote": {"host": ""}, "index":"index-name"},"dest":{"index":"index-name-clone"}}'

In the photo, the result of the filter by id is the original index and cloned index

Hi @cosskay and welcome to the community!

Can you compare the index mappings between the two?
Was the index mapping moved prior to the remote-reindex command?

Hi , Visually, the indexes are the same. The meaning of Lucene docs is equivalent

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