Elasticsearch on hive join query not working!

I have some question to using elastic search on hive
I use a hive to join elasticsearch datas , but result value is null!(but
each table has join key value)

here is my queries,

  1. Create table

fileownermailguid STRING,
filecontent STRING
STORED BY 'org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler'
TBLPROPERTIES('es.resource' =
'smartlap-mi_filedata_db-2015-03-27/1721979161', 'es.nodes' =
',', 'es.port' = '9200')

mailguid STRING,
mailsize INT
STORED BY 'org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler'
TBLPROPERTIES('es.resource' =
'smartlap-mi_maildata_db-2015-03-27/1721979161', 'es.nodes' =
',', 'es.port' = '9200')

  1. Join query
    select a.mailguid, b.filecontent
    from join_2 a join (select fileownermailguid,filecontent from join_1) b
    on a.mailguid = b.fileownermailguid

  2. select each table
    select a.mailguid, a.mailsize
    from join_2 a
    where a.mailguid='50CDBC9B-D36B-4272-8AA5-CF3ED5F79039'

select fileownermailguid from join_1 where

there is a result appeared in each tables, but, when I use join query,
there is no result set
elasticsearch on hive is not work well?

My Es version is 1.4.2, Es-hadoop version is 2.1.0.Beta3 and hive version
is 0.13.1

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