Elasticsearch output format with "head" plugin

(Prashant Agrawal) #1

Hi All,

I am using head plugin to access the elastic search through GUI and cluster plugin to cluster the data.
So is there anyway I can display any particular field in GUI of elasticsearch.
For ex:
If my query is
"search_request": {
"fields": [
"query": {
"match": {
"_all": "mobile"
"field_mapping": {
"content": [

And response will be everything as took, size, data, label, clusters, phrases etc.

So is there any way I can display only label/cluster in elasticsearch GUI with the help of any other plugin or other way out.

(Prashant Agrawal) #2

Any help for the same issue?

(Binh Ly-2) #3

If you're doing a _search on the "Any Request" tab in head, there is a
Result Transformer section at the bottom of your search query. In there you
can write a simple transform script. For example, the following script
displays only the took and the hits values:

return { took: root.took, hits: root.hits.hits };

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(Prashant Agrawal) #4

Hi Binh,

Actually I did the same but the problem is I want to fetch multiple record.

For ex.

  1. There is query which returns multiple clusters and that clusters have labels.
  2. Now I want to fetch the label from all clusters .
  3. So if I am writing the query like return { label:root.clusters[0].label};
  4. It will return the label for cluster 0.
  5. But I want the label from all clusters so how I can achieve that?

(system) #5