Elasticsearch Percolate Query Search Score

How to interpret score value return from the percolate query search?

What is the difference between score received on single document search vs multiple document search on percolate index?

The returned _score is based on how well the returned percolator query matched with
the documents provided in the percolate query.

Internally the percolate query creates a temporary inverted index in memory for
the documents provided in the percolate query. The statistics from this index
are used to compute the scores.

Thanks @mvg for the reply.

I am trying to to match 10,000 records to percolate query and response gives me composite score.

So how should I calculate individual score for each document from the response.

P.S. I don't want to hit elasticsearch for each record.


Hi @niketpatel2525,

What you could is use the msearch api and in the msearch request
embed a search request for each document you like to percolate.
Then each msearch response item gives the _score for just that document.

I hope this helps.


Thanks @mvg. This solution worked for me.

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