Getting Score while running percolate


I am running percolation

POST http://localhost:9200/abcd/xyz/_mpercolate -d
'{"percolate" : {"index" : "abcd", "type" : "xyz", "id" : "AVXe7oZSVXJ_HQBQwl6O" } }
{"percolate" : {"index" : "abcd", "type" : "xyz", "id" : "AVXe7wgIVXJ_HQBQwl6X" } }

The result is like below:

"responses": [{
"_shards": {
"total": 5,
"failed": 0,
"successful": 5
"took": 640279,
"total": 2779,
"matches": [{
"highlight": {},
"_index": "abcd",
"_id": "AVhDG7njU3UfE0eD2q2G"
}, {
"highlight": {},
"_index": "abcd",
"_id": "AVhDGwOfU3UfE0eD2qur"

So In each Match only highlight, index and id is coming.
Can we get the match score here inside each matched query. So that we can make out howt much it got matched to the document.


Please reply on this.

Please reply ..Im stuck on this. any help would be appreciated

Percolate query gives you back a score now in 5.0:

Thanks a lot.This should work.

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