Elasticsearch pods fail unexpectedly when deploying Elastic Stack through helm on minikube

Hi there,

I'm trying to deploy ELK stack to a local minikube k8s cluster, to play around, and see if this is something we want to roll out at our company (which uses an on-prem hosted k8s cluster).

I've executed the following commands:

minikube start --driver=hyperv --cpus 4 --memory 6128
helm repo add elastic https://helm.elastic.co
helm repo update 
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elastic/Helm-charts/master/elasticsearch/examples/minikube/values.yaml
helm install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch -n elastic-stack --create-namespace -f .\values.yaml

This seems to work fine; everything up and running, yay.

However, when I add kibana, the elasticsearch pods start crashing, simply reporting nothing more than an "Unexpected error".

I installed Kibana using:

helm install kibana elastic/kibana -n elastic-stack

Any ideas what could be the problem?

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