Helm3 chart version v7.9.1 Elasticsearch and Kibana both on the same Minikube profile

Hi there!

Anyone had any luck with deploying both Elasticsearch and Kibana on the same Minikube profile with Helm3 ? It seems as if I can deploy only Elasticsearch or Kibana but not both...

Hi @vugar,
Can you provide more details:

  • What charts are you using to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana?
  • Post your values files
  • Post your install commands and logs

Thank you for looking into this @Julien_MAILLERET

Nothing fancy really, just started my minikube profile:

minikube start --profile='elastic-fancy' --kubernetes-version=v1.18.8 --driver=kvm2 --memory='8192' --cpus='2' --disk-size=30

Please correct me if I am wrong but as I understand following should result in Elasticsearch and Kibana both running on the same Minikube profile.

helm repo add elastic https://helm.elastic.co
helm repo update

helm install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch --values 'https://github.com/elastic/helm-charts/raw/7.9.1/elasticsearch/examples/minikube/values.yaml'

helm install kibana elastic/kibana --set elasticsearchHosts='http://elasticsearch-master.svc.cluster.local:9200'

And I end up with Kibana pod stuck in 'pending' state

kubectl get pods --namespace=default -l app=kibana -w
kibana-kibana-55fc8f9f4f-8xvcm 0/1 Pending 0

Mind you though I can connect (to Elasticsearch deployed to the same minikube profile) my external (running outside of minikube profile) Kibana just fine - though I have to note that default 'kibana.yml' provided in the original docker image was also resulting in Kibana failing almost immediately after start, so I had to modify it a bit...

Please let me know if there is any further info might be required!

The good format for K8S service is my-svc.my-namespace.svc.cluster-domain.example (source: A/AAAA records). I think you forgot the namespace part in your elasticsearchHosts URL.

Thank you @Julien_MAILLERET!

Always nice to have a second pair of eyes! :slight_smile: Indeed missed the namespace, though I am quite certain I've seen similar issue on different namespaces as well - and these were supplied as a service FQDN.

In any case just did a re-deploy of both Elasticsearch and Kibana to 'default' and repeated on non-default namespaces - it seems as if everything working as it should!

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