Kibana:7.5.1(latest) Helm-Chart is in Pending State!?

Hi, i have succesfully deployed elasticsearch master and can access it from other container.
Service URL: http://elasticsearch-master.efk.svc.cluster.local:9200

I'm trying to deploy kibana with default settings, but recieve the same message/error.

0 the server could not find the requested resource ( pods/log kibana-kibana-5c54bf44cb-ll569)

What i'm doing wrong?

I'm trying different variants, but the same message.

helm install elastic/kibana --namespace efk --name kibana
helm install elastic/kibana --namespace efk --name kibana --set elasticsearchHosts=http://elasticsearch-master.efk.svc.cluster.local:9200
helm install elastic/kibana --namespace efk --name kibana --set elasticsearchHosts=["http://elasticsearch-master.efk.svc.cluster.local:9200"]
helm install elastic/kibana --namespace efk --name kibana --set elasticsearchHosts=[http://elasticsearch-master.efk.svc.cluster.local:9200]
helm install elastic/kibana --namespace efk --name kibana --set elasticsearchHosts=["http://elasticsearch-master:9200"]

Did the first deploy fail? Helm has a quirk, if the first deploy gets unhealthy, you can not deploy again until you purge it with helm delete --purge kibana.

Otherwise- where exactly is that message? Is it helm output? (copy paste the whole terminal session?) Do you have a values file? Is security turned on (so you should be using https)?

Thanks for yor answer.

No, kibana was always in state pending. And yes, i remove kibana every time with --purge.

I started elasticsearch without storage, maybe this is a problem?

helm install elastic/elasticsearch --namespace efk --name elasticsearch --set replicas=1 --set persistence.enabled=false

Message is from pending kibana pod. Helm deployment is ok, without any messages.

No I don't have any value files.

Security. I dont know. Probably not.

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