Elasticsearch process is running even after Elasticsearch service is stopped

(Shilpi Rachna) #1

We are using Elasticsearch version 5.4.1 on Windows 10. We run it as windows service (using elasticsearch-service.bat).

Sometimes, when we try to stop the elasticsearch service, it stops but the elasticsearch process keeps running. Is that a known issue?

Is it okay to kill the elasticsearch process after waiting for some time, or it can corrupt the indices?
If yes, how much time should be wait?
If no, how do we recover from that state?


(Zachary Tong) #2

I'm not sure why the service is still running, but to answer your question, yes it's ok to just kill the process. There's no "shutdown" mechanism in Elasticsearch, it is designed to be shutdown at any point (part of the requirements for a robust clustered solution is being able to survive node loss).

You won't corrupt anything, no worries there! :slight_smile:

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