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From a few other customers, I’ve heard that Elasticsearch technology is very hard to implement, more proprietary (like a Cloudera) and the use cases are narrow and not in production environments. What has been your experience?

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There's a bunch of use cases/production systems documented here: https://www.elastic.co/use-cases

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Saw those - wasn't sure if you were to implement this how much it would spread across the organization.

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We’re often the ones to tell different parts of an organisation they should be talking to each other :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard that Elasticsearch technology is very hard to implement

I've heard the opposite. Like half a day to have an application up and running in production able to index a forum.
My own experience when Elasticsearch was in the early days was that after less than a week I was able to index 1 million documents from my own data set and display some reports in HTML/JS...

Nowadays, I believe this can be even easier. Think about cloud.elastic.co where in a few minutes you have a full elasticsearch + kibana up and running, secured with lot of features...

(Nik Everett) #6

I fell in love with Elasticsearch over the course of about a week of development. I suspect how much work it is to integrate with depends on what you are doing. I built a fairly high traffic search so it took some time to get the performance right. Simpler things are easier, especially these days, but it isn't magic. It has its own quirks and its own trade offs. They just ended up being the right trade offs for me at the time.

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