Elasticsearch puppet config for Watcher

Hey guys,

I have been scratching my head for awhile now. I am trying to puppetize my bELK + Watcher stack and am running into this issue. I am using a hash for my elasticsearch config as follows:

    $config = {
      'network.host' => '',
      'http.port' => '9200',
      'watcher.action.hipchat.service' => {
        'account' => {
          'notify-monitoring' => {
            'profile' => integration,
            'auth_token' => token,
            'room' => Monitoring-room,

I need to add the following to my elasticsearch.yml file:

       profile: integration
       auth_token: token
       room: Monitoring-room

However, it keeps adding it as so:

+watcher.action.hipchat.service.account.notify-monitoring.auth_token: token
+watcher.action.hipchat.service.account.notify-monitoring.profile: integration
+watcher.action.hipchat.service.account.notify-monitoring.room: Monitoring-room

I am assuming this is due to the elasticsearch.yml.erb template but not sure how to go about changing it so that it formats the Watcher configuration properly.

Does that not work? I thought either declaration would work.

Does not. Gave up and just went to creating a file based off a templated elasticsearch.yml file