Elasticsearch query_cache stats

Hi All,

Using Elasticsearch 6.3.0, I'm trying to understand the meaning of the following (from /_nodes/stats):

query_cache: {
memory_size_in_bytes: 38247165,
total_count: 11278236,
hit_count: 1672112,
miss_count: 9606124,
cache_size: 1494,
cache_count: 418838,
evictions: 417344,

looks like (current?) memory size is ~38mb.
The (total?) cache_size is 1494mb(?) - I assume that it's in mb since the total memory size is 15gb and 10% is the default for query cache size, right?
Anyway, I don't understand how do I have 9.6M miss if the memory_size is so low.
can someone explain what's going on here please?

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