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(Michalis A Anastasopoulos) #1


the query cache statistics of my cluster contain following values:
"query_cache": {
"memory_size_in_bytes": 113744184,
"total_count": 394174905,
"hit_count": 17192100,
"miss_count": 376982805,
"cache_size": 6859,
"cache_count": 59078,
"evictions": 52219

I was wondering what these values really mean.
In other words, is this cache overused or rather underused.
And if it is underused what options do we have? Increasing indices.queries.cache.size?


(Mark Walkom) #2

You should really be looking at this in terms of changes over time, so are miss_count or evictions increasing dramatically, or slowly?

(Michalis A Anastasopoulos) #3

Below are the current values. As you can see, after almost 18 hours the memory_size_in_bytes dropped 50% while miss_count increased significantly. Evictions increased but not much.

What would you propose based on that?

"query_cache": {
"memory_size_in_bytes": 47289528,
"total_count": 532629646,
"hit_count": 21149807,
"miss_count": 511479839,
"cache_size": 3169,
"cache_count": 70321,
"evictions": 67152

(Mark Walkom) #4

Depends, are you having problems?

(Michalis A Anastasopoulos) #5

We have filter queries that take a long time to execute. As I understood such queries are using the cache, therefore I was wondering if the cache settings play a role here.

The queries are using range conditions on date fields, in some cases "lt" < "now"

(Mark Walkom) #6

Ok, what version are you on?

(Michalis A Anastasopoulos) #7

We are using 2.2

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