Elasticsearch query in Kibana

Hi, I have created nested aggs query but I would like to execute it in Kibana and create a chart (heat map from the data). Where should I paste my query? To JSON input? External script file?
Thanks, Kibana 5.3 version.

Unfortunately, Kibana doesn't support nested aggregations. You don't be able to use the query you've created in Kibana.

Oh, ok. Thanks.
One more question. If I want to use file script what should I set as Aggregation metrics? When i set "count" it ignores JSON input.
When I set something else, I think it mix results together. Why it can't just use the result of my script?

I think the syntax is { "script": "name-of-your-script-file" }. I think you also need to include "lang": "painless", or whatever language your script is written in. And if you are using something other than painless or lucene expressions, you'll also have to enable the syntax in elasticsearch.

All together:

{ "script": "name-of-your-script-file", "lang": "painless" }

Ok, thank but how will results mix? The aggregation of field above will return one value and my script second one...

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