Elasticsearch Query performance while continuous ingestion

At starting Elastic-search query performance is good, but it goes down while continuously ingesting data. when we query elastic-search and ingest data in parallel , query latency is high and performance is low.

Please advise, how to get good performance while doing query and document indexing in parallel?

Any suggestion?

You need to size the cluster based on the combined workload. It sounds like your cluster may not be sized correctly.

Currently I have a cluster of 1 master, 5 datanode, 1 ingest nodes. I have allocated 1.3 vcpu, 3.5Gb memory for all nodes. Indexing rate could be nearly 50-100 docs per second. This is very low indexing rate but the query takes times for this low request too.

Do need more resources for this kind of traffic?
Please advise.

I would recommend you monitor resource usage and increase resources where needed.

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